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An Elements World Internship

New Zealand is a gorgeous place isn't it? With all it's beauty and stunning spots to explore. However, travelling to New Zealand can be quite expensive if you don't want to use your WHV (working holiday visa) and you are a student on a budget. Luckily, there are options :)

I am Dunya, one of Elements World current interns, and I flew off to New Zealand and so far one of the best decision in my life! I am here for the Elements World Internships. The fact that I wanted to travel to New Zealand was known for a quite a while now. Unfortunately it is quite expensive and I didn't wanted to use my WHV for just a couple of weeks, since I am still in school in wouldn't really make any sense. However, I still needed an internship for school, so why not doing it abroad?

Flying to New Zealand

Internships are such a great 'inbetween' if don't want to spend your money all at once or use your WHV. Most internships will help you find a (free) accomodation or even give you a small payment. When I was searching for an internship I saw Elements World pop up and I immediately took a look are their website. After some emailing and skyping I got the internship here!

An internship abroad is also a great idea to get some work experience in a unknown country. Perhaps you were thinking about moving to another country and work there for a while, but you might be a bit afraid of what it is going to be. With internships you are basically on a trial. Just try it out for a couple of weeks or months, and if you do like it you can stay there and have the best time!

Here at Elements World you get many of opportunities and benefits! Sometimes you get weekdays off and you can explore all New Zealand has to offer. One day I went surfing with the Elements Team and the other day I got on the Piha Experience. On weekends we mostly go camping or spend time surfing with Elements Surf!


Besides all of that, growth is important as well and that is probably what you are here for. When I had my first day at Elements World, they've asked me with what I am comfortable with to do. For me that was probably anything, but there were some things that were a bit unusual for me. For example; when I had to take my first phone call I was quite nervous. I told them about it and they have helped me to get over it. Now, I am talking to customers without any hassle. It's great to work at a company like this. You can actually see your personal growth and that was just a small example. Also, in this company I really feel like I am part of the team. Besides seeing personal growth you will also see that you are needed and part of the team.

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