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Top 5 Adrenaline Activities in Auckland

Activities of Adventure in Auckland.


It is something all kiwi's love. Auckland has a wide variety of beaches and features some pretty good surf spots. However, Piha beach is known as one the top surfing beaches in New Zealand.

The long stretch of black sand with surfers all year round, though most crowded during the summer months. Piha is the most dangerous beach so it is advised that you go with someone especially when you do not know what you are doing, can be good to go with a surf instructor.


Auckland's best place to experience nature and this is one of the hidden gem's where you can have fun. Waitakere Ranges has the best canyoning in New Zealand. There are rappel cliff's and huge waterfall's. The option of going at night and the chances of sighting glow worms. This is just one of the many of the places you can experience adrenaline in Auckland city.


The icon of Auckland City, the tallest skyscraper with a height of 328 metres. This is the al in one entertainment hub for it has two cafes a restaurant. The sky tower has the entire amazing view of this fantastic city. You can also try the SkyJump or Walk if you want to have a fun time, you will be thrilled and excited as you do this. Sky tower is your one stop for a wow fun filled day.

Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy

This bridge is made up of three bridges. When first opened the bridge was very popular that there was a two clip one side lanes were connected to the main bridge. You can also be jumping from this Auckland Bridge. AJ Hackkett has main locations throughout New Zealand but only in Auckland do you get the option of having a ocean dip. You can also opt to have a bridge climb.


Skydive Auckland the perfect place to experience the fun especially for those who are adventure junkies. There are a range of options available but the extreme and most exciting is the 16,500 ft sky dive which is the highest skydive in New Zealand. Experience the amazing view of all corners of Auckland.

Jet Boat

The best way to explore Auckland, with 100km per hour discover Waitemata Harbour and experience the amazing breath taking views and the fun filled rush of adrenaline from the jet boat ride.

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