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Transportation options in New Zealand

Public Transport

Auckland AT Metro/ Elements World
Rotorua baybus/ Elements World


In New Zealand, most cities or towns have bus services. The bus operator vary according to regions.


For the larger cities, Auckland and Wellington, you will even be able to find the train services, too.


To travel between islands, you will need to take a ferry. InterIslander Ferry is the one to travel you between the south and north island. Besides this, there are some other ferry services which will take you to the amazing islands around New Zealand.


Jetstar/ Elements World

Air New Zealand/ Elements World

Apart from ferries, domestic flights are departing everyday across the country. There are in total 25 different destinations. Among them, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown airport are the cheapest to fly. The 2 main domestic airlines are Jet Star and Air New Zealand. Jet Star is more price friendly while Air New Zealand offers flights to more destinations.

Have your own vehicle

People mover (10 seater)/ Elements World
People mover (7 seater)/ Elements World

If you planned to stay in New Zealand for a not short period of time, you are highly recommended to have your own car. As you know, New Zealand is a land of wide open spaces. Having a car will be much more convenient for you to get around, especially in rural area.

To get a car, you may either rent one or purchase one. There are a number of ways for you to find a vehicle. No matter to rent or to buy, you should always check the vehicle carefully before drive it away. Apart from rent or buy, you also need to consider which vehicle you would like to take, car or camper van? self-contained or non self-contained ?

To drive in New Zealand, you will need to have an appropriate driver licence. The licence required varies according to the length of your stay. Make sure you've got the one required to drive.

The Tandem/ Elements World

Finally, we've prepared some driving tips to ensure your safety during the trip. Feel free to have a look. If you've got a question, please share with us by leaving comments below. Enjoy your trip in New Zealand!

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