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Skiing in the North Island

Winter is here and so is ski season! Thanks to the Southern Alps, the South Island is more famous of its skiing facilities. But you can also hit the slopes in the North Island - we will introduce the places for you, so keep on reading!

Turoa | ElementsWorld

Ski season in New Zealand is generally June to October, so perfect for snow bunnies from the Northern Hemisphere - when your ski season is off, we get started down here! New Zealand's ski areas aren't like ones in Europe or North America, where you can put on your gear at the front door and start skiing. No, usually accommodation and Après-Ski are in surrounding towns and you need to have a car or a shuttle to get the slopes.

Tongariro National Park

Located on the north-western side of Mt Ruapehu, this is the largest ski area of New Zealand.

Whakapapa is an excellent place for learning the secrets of skiing or snowboarding. Happy Valley is one big area for beginners and it's separated from area where the more experienced skiers are. It has own cafe, rental place and ski school. Chairlift offers nice ride up the slope which is gentle, nice and long.

There are dozens different kinds of trails for intermediate skiers and boarders. You can choose from bumps, chutes, drops, bowls or nice wide runs the most suitable for you. Doesn't sound bad, huh?

For advanced skiers there are 24 black and black diamond runs and even lift to backcountry area. If skiing on an active volcano is not adrenaline pumping enough for you, try these off-pistes!

Whakapapa Map | ElementsWorld

Lift passes from $79 per adult. Ski, snowboard and clothes rental available. Open already.

South-western side of Mt Ruapehu, there you can find the highest chairlift of New Zealand.

There are two great places for beginners, the Alpine Meadow and the Wintergarden. The Alpine Meadow has carpet lift and the slope is gentle - perfect for children and those who hit the slopes for the first time. Wintergarden is slightly steeper.

Turoa's intermediate slopes are wide and smooth, many of them linked to each other, so you can have really nice and long rides. 12 intermediate runs are waiting for you!

For advanced skiers Turoa is an amazing place, there are 25 black and black diamond runs and backcountry area is reachable by lift.

Turoa map | ElementsWorld

Lift passes from $79 per adult. Ski, snowboard and clothes rental available. Opens 1st July.

Located in the eastern side of Mt Ruapehu, you can find club-operated fields of Tukino. However, it's open to public and you're most welcomed to ski or board there! Most of the runs are intermediate, but you can find runs for beginners and advanced skiers too.

Tukino map | ElementsWorld

Lift passes from $65 per adult. Rentals from Turangi Ski Hire or Taihepe Sports. Opens 1st July.

Mt Taranaki

Club-operated Manganui is located on the eastern slopes of absolutely beautiful Mt Taranaki in Egmont National Park. Most of the runs are for advanced skiers, but there are some for intermediate and beginners too.

Manganui map | ElementsWorld

Lift passes from $45 per adult. Rentals from New Plymouth or Stratford. Closed for lack of snow.


Whoa, feels like a snowbug just bited, doesn't it?! Comment and share your skiing experience with us.

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