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Why you should travel New Zealand during the winter ​

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New Zealand is a very attractive country for many traveller, last year over 3.5 Million tourists visited New Zealand and its beautiful landscapes. Many people think that winter (June to August) is not a proper time to travel in New Zealand, False! And I’ll tell you why.

Best plan: Because of the low tourist season, you can have lower prices when booking accommodations (hotels/hostels) or camper van which are the best way to discover New Zealand.

Beautiful winter landscape: It’s not without reason that Peter Jackson had chosen New Zealand to film “The Lord of Rings” and “The Hobbit” sagas. New Zealand’s landscapes take your breath away especially if you're travelling in the South Island during the winter.

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Surf still good: If you want to surf in New Zealand during the winter, it’s still possible in many spots and some of them are better because there are fewer people than in summer.

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Queenstown’s winter festival: Queenstown celebrate the winter in June for more than a week. Winter festival start with fireworks and resume with fun activities, parades, après ski and parties. If you go to New Zealand, Don’t miss this festival ;)

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Thermal spring: What is the best way to finish a cold ski day than take a break in a HOT spring in Rotorua or in a heated pool. It is easy to find this kind of relaxing spot in New Zealand.

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Would you like to travel in winter? Comment and share your opinion with us.

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